Measure lengths

Of time and space

Bridge the gaps

Time elapse

The burden of knowing

I can hear Greed crowing

The connotation of ‘need’

The merciless feed

Insatiable means

Sacrificed identity

Buried next to originality

While Greed preys on the remaining parts of me
Bright screen

Dull reality

Still Motion | A Film-Poem

A world in still

My eyes are open

wider…     and…    WIDER…

Then it all goes black.

Awakened by a dream

Of hope and light

The world around me begins to take flight

faster…    and…    FASTER!

Then it all goes black.

My eyes – they open

My mind is quiet

My world…

In still –

Instill –


I close my eyes.

Then open.

A world in motion

My world instilled

In the BLINK of an eye.

The Making of ‘Still Motion’

This poem means a lot to me, for more reasons than one. First and foremost, this is the first poem about myself and my inner feelings about the world that I have ever shared publicly. I wrote this poem for filming purposes and with that, I put a lot of thought into the words and the tone I wanted this poem to portray. I wanted this poem to be vague enough that any reader (or listener) could relate, but ensure that I was also sharing a part of me in the process. I don’t want to break this poem down and reveal my exact thoughts when writing it, because I fear that it would take away from your experience and your relationship with this poem. All I will say is that in terms of inspiration, I channeled some of my deepest struggles and translated them to paper.

-Mena xx

Quote of the day:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

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