Oh hey, I still exist!

Well, the title says it all friends

Here I am again

Spewing out potentially useless lines

Dipped with the slightest bit of irony

What a masterpiece!

Was that a stretch?

Probably, but then again I haven’t felt


In what you would call “a while”

A vague and seamless amount of time

That either has no track or the wind blew it away

But hey, that’s okay.

I still exist.


Seeking out answers

In the deep mist

On a mysterious ship

With no particular destination

How whimsical!

The rolling waves grow rapid

As my spirit gone vapid


Quick, let’s pull this boat ashore

Washed away…

Oh hey…

I still exist


Sitting in a room with two facets of me

The first what could’ve been, the second what could be

They allure words like ‘beauty’ and feign ‘reality’

We sit around a table with two guns in between

Look a little harder and this is what you’ll see…

They taunt and dance and ring around me

And attack at the slightest vulnerability


As I gradually fade…

And as my hands tremble and begin to dissipate

It’s either them or me

I squeeze my eyes shut and reach…


Oh hey,

I still exist!








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