Music Favorites | fall edition

It’s that time again… Music favorites, friends! Except this time around, I am coming at you guys with three months worth of tunes. I took a bit of a hiatus from posting on here, so now we have some catching up to do… That being said the title ‘fall edition’ has nothing to do with the songs themselves, but simply the timing in which I was able to post. So enjoy this list of music that I found myself listening to these past few months!

Human – Daughter

Beetlebum – Blur

Cherry Wine – Hozier

From Eden – Hozier

Work Song – Hozier

Streetcar – Daniel Caesar

Get You – Daniel Ceaser

Given – Milky Chance

Blossom – Milky Chance

Breezeblocks – ALT-J

And a cover by Abbey Glover

Where Is My Mind? – Pixies

And a cover by Milky Chance

Crybaby – Lil Peep

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