Pixi Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Palettes | Review

I recently ordered four of the Pixi Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Palettes off of their website. After owning a few of their face products and loving them, I was quite intrigued to see if their eyeshadows were any good. I searched the interwebs and didn’t find a whole lot of information on how they performed and it made me wonder if it was because they performed poorly OR if I had just found a hidden gem.


Each palette costs $12 and comes with six eyeshadows and a little dual-ended sponge applicator. While I’ve never been all that fond of these, I did find a use for them, which I will get into shortly… These palettes are vegan and you can get up to seven different palettes (I bought four).


First up, is the Mineral Contour palette… now this was the first palette I tried swatching, and while the swatches pictured came out pretty well, it took some configuring to get this much pigmentation. I noticed that there seemed to be some sort of layer atop each eyeshadow that had to be broken down or warmed up with the applicator before you could truly get a good swatch (this was a problem with all of the palettes). Now that I know this, I am able to get decent swatches and the colors are rather pretty. I have applied this palette to my lids and the colors are quite beautiful and blendable. The black and white shades require a lot of layering for them to be a true black or true white and it can get a bit powdery, so keep that in mind. The best eyeshadow I found in this palette was the fourth one down. It glided on my arm like a dream when swatching and is absolutely stunning on the eye! Overall, I am happy I got this palette as it is quite wearable on a daily basis.


Next is Plum Quartz… This palette seemed like a perfect palette to get for the fall season. Overall, the swatches came out beautiful and I found that on this palette, I didn’t need to apply that many layers to get good pigmentation (though I would recommend doing so for the last two shades). I think the color selection is beautiful and would rank this as my second favorite palette!


Copper Peach is by far my favorite out of all of these palettes. The shadows swatched so easily and the color pay off was the best out of all the palettes I tried. The color selection is beautiful and compliments each other well. I think this palette is perfect for the summertime as it is a rather warmed tone/glowy palette. I am very curious to see how these shades perform on the eyes… There does seem to be a bit of fall out, but I still consider this palette to be very much worth the $12!


The last palette I bought was the ‘Sunset Mattes’ palette. This is the only palette that I didn’t like and as far as I know, it is the only fully matte palette. Not only were these shades extremely difficult to swatch, they were also quite powdery and took far too much effort to build up the pigmentation. Perhaps if you’re fair/light these shadows will show up better, however they didn’t show well on my skin. Still, I wouldn’t recommend this palette because the formula is too powdery.


There were a few more palettes that I didn’t try (Aquamarine Dream, Silver Sky & Amethyst Aura), but considering none of them are matte, I would hope they are at least as good as the first three I mentioned. While I most likely will not be collecting the rest of these palettes, I do think the first three are worth trying. Once again, you will have to break down the top layer to truly get the shades to work but after that, they apply beautifully and are super easy to blend. I think starting off with one palette is the way to go so you can get a feel for this formula before dropping too much money, and I would highly recommend trying Copper Peach or Plum Quartz!


I hope this quick little swatch and review post helps someone who may be curious in trying these palettes, or if you already own one (or more); helps you get the best use out of them.

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