Kat Von D Shade + Light Glimmer Palette | Swatches & Demo

Kat Von D Beauty launched their new Shade + Light Glimmer palette online on July 11,2017 and it became available in stores on the 13th. This palette comes with a total of twelve eyeshadows, all of which are entirely vegan and as always, cruelty free.

The palette looked so gorgeous online, I decided to order it for myself and film a review video for you guys, consisting of arm swatches and a quick little tutorial! 


Overall, the palette is beautiful. I love the neutral tones and the finish. The palette comes with three large pans of satin finish shadows (porcelain, dusk & dune) and nine “glimmer shades”. I noticed that the “glimmer-y” shades had different levels of glitter in their pans. For instance, the shades copper, cinder and rust appeared to have almost a metallic finish, while the rest of the shades were clearly much more glittery. That being said, those shadows seemed to have less fallout than the rest of the shades. I also noticed that the level of “glimmer” increased every three eye shadows. For instance, while copper was more of a metallic finish, bronze was glittery, and the shade after that (sterling) was ultra glittery. This pattern continues throughout the rest of the glimmer shades.


While I loved the overall shade range, I found myself a bit disappointed in the shade onyx. This black shadow with flecks of silver glitter was by far the shade I was most looking forward to using and unfortunately it was the least pigmented when swatching. While I think the rest of the palette is absolutely gorgeous and would still recommend this product, that was a bit of a bummer…


When it came to the actual demo portion of this video, I wanted to use the Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in ‘Project Chimps’. This limited edition liquid lipstick retails for $20 and is a beautiful warm brick red. This lipstick has been available in the past but it recently made a comeback due to popular demand. Every 5% of sales on this lipstick goes toward the nonprofit organization ‘Project Chimps’, whose mission is to stop “invasive biomedical research in the United States” on chimpanzees and retire them to a sanctuary. For more information on the cause, click here.


As for the actual wear of the lipstick, I was so impressed by the formula! Keep in mind, I have never worn any Kat Von D liquid lipsticks before (gasp!) The application was easy and the color was beautiful. Most importantly, the formula was not drying, at all! Needless to say, I will certainly be buying Kat Von D’s lipsticks again.


All in all, I was super impressed by the palette and the lipstick and think both of which are entirely worth the purchase. I am honestly such a huge fan of the Kat Von D line and I can certainly see myself reviewing more of her products in the future!




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