24th Birthday

Last weekend I celebrated my 24th birthday. Before I go into the actual day, let me rewind so you can get a good sense of my mindset leading up to the big day.


Earlier in the week I was in what may be considered a state of shock.

 July? It’s June… uh… wait a minute… shit-zus are a breed of dogs… yep it’s definitely July… Well, it was nice knowing you summer…. 


Then after the initial shock set in, I guess you’d call my next phase; a state of skepticism. Not because I think there’s anything wrong with the number 24, but because it seemed ‘strange’ to me. Maybe there was some sort of miscount? 


Now the next stage is a bit painful to really bring up, because it’s not even remotely funny. I felt this sense of utter dread at the mere thought of my birthday. I can’t quite tell you why. I woke up the day before my birthday consumed by anxiety and panic, and it remained much of the day. I was crying uncontrollably and insisted that I did not want to celebrate tomorrow whatsoever.


The following morning I woke up and the world was new. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but if you could’ve put yourself in my shoes and felt the drastic emotional shift, well… you’d probably be saying the same thing. I wouldn’t say that I necessarily woke up with any sort of pep, more so with an open-minded attitude that today just might not suck (I know, how poetic…). This feeling then evolved into something so incredibly happy and bubbly, it’s as if the song Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys was playing on repeat in my head the entire day.


I started off taking a trip to the thrift store with my mom, a favorite pastime of mine to say the least. I found a rad dark-wash, beautifully faded, jean jacket and a Stevie Wonder album! Everytime I take a trip to the thrift store it’s like a treasure hunt and gives me all the good vibes my vintage soul desires.


When we arrived back home, my nephew came over. I got to spend the whole day with him, which is always a fun time. We watched The Office, played a riveting game of UNO and just had an all around, chill time. He’s honestly one of my favorite people on the planet, and one of the few pains in my butt that I welcome into my life willingly. 😛


That night, my mom came down to my humble abode to tell me that my sister had a surprise for me. Now keep in mind, I did not expect any sort of birthday cake. A few months ago I went vegan, and while I know there’s plenty of delicious recipes on the wild web, I thought we had agreed to have these amazing vegan ice cream sandwiches my sister had picked up at Trader Joes (expect a blog post on those magical treats very soon). Turns out, my sister went above and beyond and baked me an incredibly delicious chocolate vegan cake, with vegan chocolate chips and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. I feel that I can’t even put the magic into words… I was in chocolate heaven. I would’ve taken a picture of it, but I was far too busy stuffing my face.


Now maybe you’re thinking my day doesn’t sound like anything too extravagant, and that’s because technically it wasn’t; but it was honestly everything to me. I got to celebrate with family, have some good laughs, do some of my favorite things… I couldn’t have asked for a better day and I am so grateful to have experienced such a gift.


Quote of the day: “This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.” -Maya Angelou

Question of the day: What is one beautiful thing that happened to you today?




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