Music Favorites | June 2017

I am someone who loves to explore a wide variety of music depending on my mood. Music is a beautiful form of expression that can invoke so much emotion and allow us to travel through time. While my taste seems to be ever-changing, I thought I would share my favorite tunes to listen to this month. Keep in mind, these aren’t necessarily new songs, in fact I rarely ever listen to current music. These are just songs that I’ve been really digging lately…


Willow Smith:

Female Energy


Wait A Minute






All the Pretty Girls


Days n’ Daze:

Damaged Goods



Don’t You Cry For Me


The Postal Service:

Give Up (Entire album)


All Time Faves

Fleetwood Mac




The Smiths


The Doors



Quote of the day: “Where words fail, music speaks” -Hans Christian Andersen


Question of the day: Who’s your favorite singer/band? Leave any song recommendations in the comments below! 😊

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