Still Motion | A Film-Poem

A world in still

My eyes are open

wider…     and…    WIDER…

Then it all goes black.

Awakened by a dream

Of hope and light

The world around me begins to take flight

faster…    and…    FASTER!

Then it all goes black.

My eyes – they open

My mind is quiet

My world…

In still –

Instill –


I close my eyes.

Then open.

A world in motion

My world instilled

In the BLINK of an eye.

The Making of ‘Still Motion’

This poem means a lot to me, for more reasons than one. First and foremost, this is the first poem about myself and my inner feelings about the world that I have ever shared publicly. I wrote this poem for filming purposes and with that, I put a lot of thought into the words and the tone I wanted this poem to portray. I wanted this poem to be vague enough that any reader (or listener) could relate, but ensure that I was also sharing a part of me in the process. I don’t want to break this poem down and reveal my exact thoughts when writing it, because I fear that it would take away from your experience and your relationship with this poem. All I will say is that in terms of inspiration, I channeled some of my deepest struggles and translated them to paper.

-Mena xx

Quote of the day:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

Question of the day:

What is your favorite treasure(s) and why? 

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